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Break the language barrier with Mitzuli

The open, easy-to-use and powerful translator app for Android


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Translate naturally

Voice input

Tired of using a keyboard? Simply talk to your phone and Mitzuli will translate what you say!

Camera input

Want to translate a sign, a menu or a newspaper? Take a picture of it and let Mitzuli do its work!

Voice output

Don't know how to pronounce that foreign text? No problem, Mitzuli can speak for you!

Made for everybody, made for you

We believe that every language should have its place in this world, and this is why we focus on less resourced languages that are often left behind in commercially oriented products. Mitzuli supports Afrikaans, Aragonese, Asturian, Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Galician, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish and Urdu, and we are working hard to get even more!

We know that machine translation comes really handy when you travel abroad. Roaming charges don't. That's not a problem anymore for Mitzuli, which can work even without Internet access. And, unlike other translators, its offline mode offers the same translation quality as the online mode, and advanced features like camera input are also available on it!

Mitzuli is both free as in "free beer" and free as in "free speech". For developers, this means that anybody can see how Mitzuli is done, adapt it to their needs, improve it, and share it freely. For you, this means that you can trust us: we are open about what we do, and we will never invade your privacy nor make business from your data.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We know that Mitzuli is awesome, but that's not only our merit. In fact, what makes Mitzuli so great is that it is build upon other incredible projects that power most of its core functionality. They make this amazing technology accessible for everyone, and we have fit it in a tiny app to bring it to you. Want to learn more? These are the projects that could not be missing in this section:
  • Apertium is an open source rule-based machine translation platform that uses a shallow-transfer translation approach. It is the machine translation engine for all the language pairs in Mitzuli except for Spanish → Basque and English ↔ Croatian.
  • Matxin is an open source rule-based machine translation platform that uses a deep-transfer translation approach. Thanks to the collaboration with Elhuyar, it provides the translations for Spanish → Basque as an online service.
  • Abu-MaTran is a European project that seeks to enhance industry-academia cooperation as a key aspect to tackle one of Europe's biggest challenges: multilinguality. Thanks to the collaboration with CNGL researchers at Dublin City University, it provides the translations for English ↔ Croatian as an online service.
  • Tesseract is the most accurate open source OCR engine available, and it is also the one used by Mitzuli. It was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995, and it is now being developed at Google.
  • OpenCV and Leptonica are open source image processing libraries that are used by Mitzuli to implement its custom OCR preprocessing.


I am Mikel Artetxe, a PhD candidate in Natural Language Processing at the University of the Basque Country and the developer of Mitzuli. You can learn more about my research activity in my personal website, and you can also find me at Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.

Even though this began as a personal project for me, Mitzuli is now supported by Elhuyar, a non-profit organization that works on the difusion of science and technology and the development of Basque.


Project supported by the Basque Government under the IKT 2014 financial aid